24. Conservation measures proposed but not yet implemented: (e.g. management plan in preparation; officially proposed as a protected area etc.)

Lindön, in Söderfjärden, is owned by the Swedish Environment Protection Agency for the purpose of establishing a nature reserve.

Regulations of bird hunting are proposed within the nature reserves Asköviken and Tidö. For management plans see under 23.

Following objects are situated within the Ramsar area and are proposed to the Natura 2000 network;
County of Västmanland
Askö-Tidö SE0250095 (pSCI, SPA)
Ridöarkipelagen SE0250008 (pSCI, SPA)

County of Södermanland
Lindön SE0220363 (pSCI, SPA)
Ridö-Sundbyholmsarkipelagen södra SE0220077 (pSCI, SPA)
Sörfjärden-Strand SE0220087 (pSCI, SPA)

25. Current scientific research and facilities: (e.g. details of current projects; existence of field station etc.)

There are bird watching towers within the site and by the southern bay, Sörfjärden, there is a bird station. The Sörfjärden area is well studied, and populations of bittern Botaurus stellaris and marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus have been surveyed continuously since the 1940’s. The other parts of the site are also well studied, concerning the bird fauna, especially the Asköviken area. Breeding birds have had their territories mapped in 1982 and 1985-91. An extensive program with point counts has been carried out in 1992-2000. Ducks and other water-birds have been counted in the springs of 1981-2000. The black tern has been studied specially 1996-99 and aided with artificial nest platforms that have increased productivity. There are bird-ringing stations at Sörfjärden and Asköviken. Nationally and internationally important studies of several species, including great reed warbler and bearded tit, have been carried out there. The populations of cormorant and grey heron are surveyed each year. There are also numerous of occasional studies e.g. a total survey of breeding common terns in 1982-88. Ringers at Asköviken have made several contributions to the national (and nowadays also international) ringing project Constant Effort Sites Scheme.

26. Current conservation education: (e.g. visitors centre, hides, information booklet, facilities for school visits etc.)

There are information pamphlets about the nature reserves. Near Asköviken, the northern part of the site, a nature school was established in 1998. One public hide is present in Tidö Nature Reserve. At Asköviken guidance for the public is organised at several occasions every spring and autumn.

27. Current recreation and tourism: (state if wetland is used for recreation/tourism; indicate type and frequency/intensity)

Several parts of the site contain a beautiful cultural and historical landscape, which is very attractive for recreation and tourism. There are popular hiking areas with trails, as well as places suitable for bathing. For leisure boating, the conditions are perfect in many areas, and boat clubs have erected permanent constructions on some islands. The area is also suitable for canoeing and in wintertime ice-skating. The scenic beauty could be enjoyed from many outlooks. Sport fishing is free.

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